WARIGIN @ 3-headed dog

Learn more about WARIGIN, the fast paced 2-3 player strategy gem:



3-headed dog is a tiny (but friendly:)) one person one dog board game publisher.

You can order my current game WARIGIN via
– Indiegogo (credit card required)

If you have any problems to order the game via Indiegogo please don’t hesitate to contact me directly – it’s possible to buy the game via invoice / bank transfer, too.

The game is designed by Anna Kersten and developed by Christian Sauer (that’s me).

If you want to stay up to date about my journey please follow the WARIGIN social media channels:



If you are a Let’s Player, board game café or editor who is interested in WARIGIN please contact me directly via email:

I am super happy to deliver you everything that you need or we can even have a play session.

If you have an individual question please use this email address:

I’ll try to answer all messages as soon as possible.
Please understand that this is a one person show without 24/7 support. 🙂